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Cine de Verano: Producciones Franco-Españolas

Este verano estrenamos nuestro Cine de Verano y fue todo un éxito.. ¡¡Gracias a todos los que lo hicistéis posible!! ¿quieres ver todas las fotos?  Qué fácil es encontrar un motivo para acercarse al cine, qué cómodo ser un iluso. No son nuevas las proyecciones al aire “libre”, cada vez más en diferentes ciudades y como alternativa a las tórridas noches de verano, se aprovecha el ocaso para dar paso a la luz, a la vibrante seducción que las imágenes en movimiento nos provocan. En esta ocasión, y en homenaje a la bendita plaga de la filoxera que unió de manera irreversible a  Burdeos con La Rioja y que provocó el nacimiento hace 125 años…

Best Of Wine Tourism

We want to share with you this great news: Bodegas Franco – Españolas  wins the Best Of Wine Tourism Award in the category of Innovative Experiences in Wine Tourism in 2013 What are the prizes Best Of Wine Tourism? What are the Best Of Wine Tourism awards? These awards organized by “TheGreat WineCapitals” celebrate innovation and excellence in wine tourism in the nine major wine regions of the world, that are: Bilbao / Rioja in Spain Bordeaux in France Cape Town in South Africa Christchurch / South Island in New Zealand Firenze in Italy Mainz / Rheinhessen in Germany Mendoza in Argentina The program Bestof gives wineries and other wine companies the…

+Theatre with Diamante

The third edition our short drama competition was held on 3, 4 and 5 April 2014: + Theatre with Diamante. Visit all the wine experiences

Big Fashion Day with Duyos

For the first time and exclusively at Bodegas Franco-Españolas it was able to enjoy all the fashion and trends. Working with Spanish designer Juan Duyos, it was organized Rioja Bordón – Fashion Day in a single day for all who came to the winery on 23 November. Duyos Collection was presented in the rooms of the winery that became a real gateway. In addition there was a fair trends, fashion, crafts and “handmade” free access where 60 designers were released and sold their work. Visit all the wine experiences

Cooking with Mario and Ana Luna

Mario and Ana Luna, our great mini chefs, taught us to cook and we had the opportunity to learn how to make several tapas, but above all, tricks to make them delicious. Two ‘preñaos’, the typical sausage and a very special of ‘morcilla’ with vegetables, also with a special mass. After they taight us to make a chicken burger, which also had carrots and pine nuts. And for dessert, chocolate mousse. Children who attended had the opportunity to cook with them. Visit all the wine experiences

Cheese and wine

Pairing is one of the main investment of Bodegas Franco-Españolas. It has been demonstrated by two successful editions of Wine & Cheese. Learn to enhance the flavor of a cheese by a wine and vice versa was the pairing purpose. Visit all the wine experiences

In love with wine

The first edition of In love with wine, on February 12, 2011, emerges as a fusion of speed dating (speed dating) and the winery. Singles who approached the winery enjoyed ten 7 minutes dates with the opposite sex, each one in a different corner of the winery, set to have an intimate and special date with, of course, a glass of wine to relax and let it go. What came after … only they know. Following the success of the first edition, we repeated this event in 2012 and 2013. Visit all the wine experiences

Friday 13

After the success of 2013 Hallowine, we repeated on another date … terrifying Friday 13… Visit all the wine experiences

Cocktails workshop

Do you know that you can enjoy Diamante in a cocktail? Every Thursday on February 2014 we enjoyed cocktails workshop with Diamante, where in addition to learning the secrets of how to make a cocktail, we announced our cocktails with Diamante: Diamante Island and Diamantonic. Attendees learned that Diamante cocktails are a guaranteed success. Visit all the wine experiences

Fast Fun Bizarre Festival 2013

In its 2013 edition, the Fast Fun Bizarre Festival used the Marcos Eguizábal Room of Bodegas Franco-Españolas for the concerts of Chalet Rosa, Ignatius, The Economy Optimistic, The Babas and Los Gandules, that were competing to satisfy a demanding but appreciative audience. Together, the groups laughed at all, which gave a good look at all aspects and facets of life in general and in particular, for example El Turista Optimist made jokes about the topics of Spain, Los Babas laughed even of themselves and the Gandules raised the absurd to new heights… Visit all the wine experiences

Chocolate and wine

In July 2011 and 2012 we did a wine and chocolate pairing. We have the collaboration of the bakery Vienna which carry us into the world of the toppings and chocolates and the similarities it has with the wine: color, aroma and flavor. After, a tasting of our wines to finish with the fusion of both: wine and chocolate. Visit all the wine experiences

Rioja Bordon & Duyos: Big Fashion Day

With the designer Juan Duyos, Bodegas Franco-Españolas organize Big Fashion Day on Saturday November 23, for all those who come to the winery that day. For the first time and exclusively at Bodegas Franco-Españolas (Cabo Noval, 2 Logroño – La Rioja) you will be able to enjoy all the fashion and trends in two different spaces: independent designers fair and Tour Duyos collection. Download press release.