125 years as a Rioja wine reference in the world No hay opiniones.

La Rioja (Spain), July 2015 .- Bodegas Franco-Españolas (www.francoespanolas.com) is celebrating its 125 th Anniversay. From it founding date, back in 1890, until today, this prestigious Riojan winery has witnessed several important mile stones in the history of the D.O.Ca. Rioja wine appellation, of Spain and of the world.

As a matter of fact, its name that translates as French Spanish Wineries, reflects the union of the 2 of the best lands to produce wines: France and Spain. The winery’s founding was the indirect result of one of the worst mishaps in the history of French winemaking, philoxera. From France, they chose the Rioja land in order to produce its red wines and was the French man, Frederick Anglade, together with some Spanish associates who in 1890 founded Bodegas Franco-Españolas (Franco= French equity and Españolas= Spanish equity).

During 9 years, their own vineyards were planted, mainly in the Rioja Alta y Rioja Alavesa areas.

We are talking about a winemaking simbol of La Rioja and Spain, that today with a 125 year history, continues as a winery to be a reference when we talk about the world of wine.

Its impresive architecture and beautiful image and sourrandings make a timeless impact. The winery is located in the city of Logroño, next to the Ebro river and across the Iron Brigde that connects it the cathedral and the historic quater. It is really an inviting location. The winery, vibrant and in continious renovation, perfectly combines the respect to tradition and the innovation in winemaking technology, in order to obtain the great wines that mark its long trayectory.

As a curiosity, and link it to an specific part of history, back in 1933, at the end of the Prohibition and Dry Law in the USA, this company was the first Spanish winery to export their wines to New York. Royal Claret and Diamante where rapidly present in the wine menus of important hotels and restaurants as: The Plaza, The Waldorf Astoria, Brevoort, Casino Town Club, Fusco´s, Whitehall Club, among others. Those were the first steps in the USA.

Today and through our American partners, Visión Wine and Spirits (www.visionwineandspirits), our wines are presente in more that 28 states with our main wine brands Rioja Bordón, Diamante and Royal.

This is how the winery history started, and after several steps, today it is a very solid business with reknowed brands, both domestically in Spain and the internationally, in 65 markets that presently covers.

Today, its wines are still faithful to the style that made them internationally recognized but slowly but surely and certianly always with class, they adapt to the current times.


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